Lyrebirds, Adelaide Zoo

Superb Lyrebird, Adelaide Zoo

I have only seen the Superb Lyrebird in its natural environment on a handful of occasions. On each occasion they were fleeting views not conducive to good photos. That is one of the reasons I enjoy visiting places like the Adelaide Zoo. They not only have a wide range of Australian birds on display in their collection, they also have two large, well maintained walk-through aviaries. In this way I am able to get close-up photos of birds I normally would struggle to shoot.

The Lyrebirds in Adelaide Zoo are quite used to hundreds of people strolling through their home every day. They just go about finding their food in the leaf litter of the aviary, quite oblivious of one’s presence only a metre or two away. I’m always pleased to get good views of the Lyrebirds whenever I visit this zoo. You see – there are no Lyrebirds in the wild here in South Australia. I have to travel by car for at least 8 – 10 hours to find one in the mountains near Melbourne, or 14 – 15 hours travel to near Sydney. Adelaide Zoo is a mere 55 minutes away from my home.

On the other hand, seeing a captive bird in an aviary doesn’t quite have the thrill of seeing one in its normal environment.

Superb Lyrebird, Adelaide Zoo


2 Responses to “Lyrebirds, Adelaide Zoo”

  1. Wendy says:

    The place to see lyrebirds close up “in the wild” is at Minnamurra Rainforest near Kiama. The birds ferret around in the bush for tucker right next to the cafe.

  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks for that advice Wendy. I’d love to spend more time birding and exploring in your area. We travelled through there on a holiday several years ago and continued on down the coast to Mallacoota then Melbourne, but we couldn’t stop many places as we were on a tight schedule. Our daughter, a teacher, had to get back for the start of school. As we travelled we took note of the many great National Parks and excellent caravan parks, vowing that we need to spend many weeks (months?) exploring this part of beautiful Australia. Now we are caring for my elderly mother in law it is becoming harder. Someday.

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