Diamond Doves

Diamond Dove, Adelaide Zoo

The Diamond Dove is one of our smaller doves here in Australia. This beautiful little bird is very popular as an aviary bird as is quite easy to keep in captivity, I believe.

Diamond Doves are found over a large part of the Australian mainland except for southern Western Australia and coastal South Australia and Victoria. It is a bird of the drier parts of the country except it is absent from the very driest desert areas.

This photo was taken through the wire of one of the aviaries at Adelaide Zoo. Sadly, I have not seen this bird in its natural environment, only in aviaries. I must get out birding more often, though to see this species I might have to travel a little as it is not present around where I live. It has been sighted on a few occasions just north of Adelaide.

While I miss not having the Diamond Dove around here, my disappointment is partly compensated by having Peaceful Doves occasionally in our garden.

Good birding.

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