A Great Bird Photo site

I enjoy looking at photos of birds on the internet. It is a great way to learn about birds from all over the world, many of them species one cannot hope to see in the flesh in one lifetime. Of course, looking at photos can be time-consuming.

One such site is called the Green Backed Heron: bird photography and identification (sorry – that link no longer works). It is well worth a visit – but give yourself some time to look at all the wonderful photos.

When you come back you might like to visit my photo gallery here (sorry – my photo gallery has been removed). It contains not only photos of birds, but animals, native Australian flowers, scenery shots of Australia, Nepal and Thailand and much more.

Here is a sample photo: click on the image to enlarge.

Budgerigars, Cleland Wildlife Park

Budgerigars, Cleland Wildlife Park

Updated 18th February 2017


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