A Plethora of Pigeons

I was driving past the local flour mill today. Trucks loaded with various grains come from all over the district to unload here, each probably spilling a little grain on the road and the parking bay out the front. As I drove past I was aware of hundreds of Rock Dove (Feral Pigeons) strutting around in a feeding frenzy. Their companions were about a dozen Crested Pigeons, also taking advantage of the bounty. A short distance away about a hundred House Sparrows were also gorging themselves.

This type of scene must be typical of so many similar locations throughout the world. Certain species seem to be able to take advantage of mankind’s excesses, spills and wastage, thriving on our leftovers.


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  1. Hi Trevor, nice blog, thanks for the bit about my website. How do you set up this type of blog? cheers

  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks for the comments Peter. I’ll reply to your question about blogs via email.

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