Opportunistic Birds

Yesterday I commented on the Rock Doves, Crested Pigeons and House Sparrows taking advantage of the spilled grain on the road and the car park of the local flour mill. Today as I was passing by I noticed two species I would not have thought would be seen doing the same thing. There were several Pacific Black Ducks and five or six Purple Swamphens busily joining the pigeons and sparrows. How out of place the swamphens seemed, strutting long-legged around on the road eating up the grain.

Mind you, when I think about the situation, it is to be expected because the River Murray is about 200 metres from the flour mill. Then there is a small swampy wetlands area right next to the mill, so it is merely a few small steps for a swamphen, but one giant leap for birdkind – or, at the very least, a large leap of understanding for this little duck’s brain.


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