Looking down on the birds

Today we were invited to have lunch at the home of friends of ours. We are always delighted to visit them as their house is built on a cliff top overlooking the River Murray. From the balcony outside their lounge room one has a 180 degree panoramic view over the river and associated dairy farm flats on the other side of the river. The passing river traffic, including several large touring boats, is fascinating to watch.

Birding at Cliff Top Level

An added bonus is watching the abundant bird life on, along and near the river. Several Australian Pelicans lazily glided upstream before landing to paddle sedately on the river. Welcome Swallows skimmed low over the water, occasionally swooping high up over the cliffs and past where we sat. Two Whistling Kites soared past just a few metres blow us ; it was interesting to see their lovely plumage from above, rather than the usual view from below. Silver Gulls were seen flying upstream, this time only in singles rather than a flock. I have seen Caspian Terns and Crested Terns in this locality but none were seen today. I also failed to see any of the Cormorant species usually seen around here, nor did I see any Darters.

Garden Birds

In the garden below the balcony we saw many House Sparrows, New Holland Honeyeaters, Red Wattlebirds and several Singing Honeyeaters. Two Black-Faced Cuckoo-Shrikes came to pay a brief visit as the passed through the garden. Below us a small family of Superb Blue Wrens was hopping around on the ground and in a nearby bush. Unfortunately they didn’t approach close to us. I didn’t get a glimpse of any males in full colourful plumage.

Relaxing Afternoon

It was a relaxing afternoon with a wonderful view. The morning had been very frosty but we were able to enjoy some warming winter sun on the balcony in the afternoon.

Next time I must remember my camera!


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