An awesome sight

Hanging the washing out on the clothes line is often a very interesting birding time. It has the advantage of casting one’s eyes skywards and I have frequently been delighted with the sightings I’ve made during this otherwise mundane household chore.

Yesterday morning was one of those awesome moments not easily forgotten. I heard the alarm call of the resident New Holland Honeyeaters; this always prompts me to quickly scan the sky for any birds of prey lurking around.

I was just quick enough to see the final stages of the stoop of a Peregrine Falcon, wings swept right back, as it swept low over the trees heading for a small group of Common Starlings. I couldn’t see if it caught its breakfast.

The traffic past our property travels at about 80kph. This bird was going at least twice that speed.

What an awesome sight!

Pity I wasn’t quick enough to race inside, get the camera and take a photo.


5 Responses to “An awesome sight”

  1. John Tongue says:

    Sadly these things happen in a flash, don’t they? A couple of years ago, I was travelling from Launceston back to Hobart after some meeting or other, when an Australian Hobby flasked across the road in front of me (I was doing 100/110), caught a Sparrow just about right in front, and then took off at speed with its dinner. All over in a split second.

  2. Trevor says:

    And that begs the question – how did you possibly manage to keep your composure and drive on safely????

    It must ave been one of those: “WOW -DID YOU SEE THAT?” moments.

  3. John Tongue says:

    Sadly, I was the only one in the car – and I almost didn’t drive on safely, but I was doing 100/110 on the Midlands Highway (Highway 1), so couldn’t even stop quickly. It was all over before it had begun!

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