Welcome to members of the Mannum Garden Club

Yesterday I had the privilege and delight to be the guest speaker at the meeting of the Mannum Garden Club. If you are visiting my blog as a result of that meeting – welcome. Mannum is a farming centre and tourist town on the River Murray about half an hour’s drive from my home in Murray Bridge, South Australia.

During my presentation I talked about the common birds of the Mannum district. I showed many photos of these birds, many of which have appeared on this blog and are in the photo gallery.

Several of the people present asked help with identification of a raptor feeding on the oval nearby. Several Black Kites were on the grass feeding on what I presume was grasshoppers. Later as I drove past the oval again on my way home, I noticed about 60 Black Kites feeding on the oval.

Black Kites on Mannum Oval

Black Kites on Mannum Oval

I think I mentioned this before: if anyone reading this blog would like me as a guest speaker about birds, I’d be more than happy to arrange a time providing it is not too far from my home in Murray Bridge – say up to an hour or two travel time. It would be best to use my contact form here to get in touch with me. I will even fly interstate if the ticket is provided!!

Black Kite at Mannum, South Australia

Black Kite at Mannum, South Australia


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  1. Boobook says:

    Eating what? That’s a remarkable sight Trevor, both the numebr of birds and the fact that Mannum has green grass on the oval. Here in Geelong dust is the norm.

  2. John Tongue says:

    Hi Trevor,
    So, you’re not going to come as guest speaker to any Tassie events???

  3. Trevor says:

    Thanks for visiting Boobook. You are right – only once before have I seen such a flock of this species and that was near a local abattoirs.

    I couldn’t determine what they were eating – I presume grasshoppers though there didn’t seem to be much of anything around.

    As for the green grass – I’m not sure how the local football club is able to keep such a lovely cover after our very hot and dry summer. I am presuming that they have either a special water license to water the grass or they are using recycled water (though I didn’t see any signs that indicated this).

  4. Trevor says:

    Sure John – as soon as you send over the plane ticket.

    Seriously though – next time I’m over that way we will have to make some arrangements. That probably will not be until 2010 the way my studies are going.

    Oh – I forgot – we are planning a trip to Europe that year. Mmmm – must work on that schedule – we are 30 years overdue for a return visit to WA and have never been to Tassie. Too many places, not enough time.

  5. Gallicissa says:

    That is a lot of Black Kites! Over here it is a northen Sri Lanka specialty and is rarely seen in the south where I come from. I am sure if you’ve travelled to India you would know that they are quite common around in towns in the hundreds. Although not as much that looks a healthy density of them.

  6. What an amazing sight! I have never seen kites more than a few at a time, at the most. I never would have believed that a sighting of so many kites together was possible. Thank you for sharing this.

    I had a beaut sighting of a Kestrel today on my back porch:



  7. Trevor says:

    Thanks for stopping by Gaye, and for leaving a comment. Your sighting of a kestrel must have been a thrill – I’ve been trying to get a good photo for several years – they usually perch high up on the power poles, too far for an effective shot.

  8. Jess Clark says:

    Dear Trevor, would like to invite you to share your photos on Mannum Memories group on Facebook. the address is: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=38473637888
    Also are you interested in displaying your pics in the photopgrphic expo on September 7th at the showgrounds? That would be groovy. -Jess

  9. Trevor says:

    Hi there Jess,

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I have thought about sharing my photos on Facebook but prefer to show them on my own family photo gallery page (the link is on the sidebar in the Contents section). This gallery has over 2000 photos and growing constantly. We have already had over a million views in just under two years. Putting them on Facebook would just be duplication.

    The photographic exhibition is another matter. Can you send me details – use my contact form here

    Thanks again.

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