Galahs by the hundreds

My regular readers are probably wondering what has happened to me.

Fear not – I’ve just been incredibly busy writing and completing all of my study assignments due at the end of the semester. At the beginning of the term I had 7 due in 8 weeks. Then I still had 7 due but in 5 weeks and now I have 3 due in 3 weeks, so the task is diminishing – and so is the available time. It left no time for blogging and little for birding.

One significant observation of recent weeks has been of large flocks of Galahs around Murray Bridge. On many occasions I have seen flocks of 300 to 500; such large flocks make a spectacular sight. I must get the camera ready and try to capture a large flock in flight – or on the power lines like I saw this afternoon.


2 Responses to “Galahs by the hundreds”

  1. Julia says:

    Interesting. Those are huge numbers.
    we have a regular flock of galahs, of maybe 30, that hang around the North Beach (Perth) all year round. You don’t normally think of galahs as being coastal birds, but they seem to like the plants on the sand dunes down there.

  2. John Tongue says:

    There must have been about 1000 feeding on the grass runners on Cootamundra Golf Course this afternoon (We are passing thorugh on a family – BIRDING – holidy).

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