Australasian Gannet, Sultana Point, Edithburgh

On the third day of our recent holiday on Yorke Peninsula we decided to go for a drive along the south coast, despite the wild, cold wind and persistent drizzling rain. At first we drove to Sultana Point on the southern edge of Edithburgh. We’d been here several times some years ago to do a spot of fishing with family. This was not a day suitable for a casual stroll on the beach, or for beach fishing. The wind was strong enough to blow one out to sea.

We stopped for only a few minutes while I scanned the beach for birds, focussing in particular on an exposed sand bar just out a way from the water’s edge. About 20 Little Pied Cormorants were trying not to get blown away. Several Silver Gulls tried to fly along against the gale. Much further out to sea a solitary Australasian Gannet was diving repeatedly into the water, as is their habit. This was a good sighting because I’ve only seen this species on a handful of occasions. It was too hazy and too far off to attempt a photo. (You can see photos of this species here.)

As we left this area and drove through the collection of holiday houses at Sultana Point I also recorded Willie Wagtail, Singing Honeyeater, Common Blackbird and Spotted Turtledove. Not a big list but the conditions were very poor. You get days like that. It makes the good birding days even greater.

Good birding.


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