Kangaroos – and a few birds

Western Grey Kangaroo, Pondalowie Bay, South Australia

Okay – so this site is supposed to be about Australian Birds. Every now and then, however, I come across something interesting to photograph which doesn’t fall into that narrow field. Here is one example.

On our recent short holiday to Yorke Peninsula we visited the lovely and secluded Pondalowie Bay. The weather was quite unpleasant with light showers and almost gale force winds. The birding was consequently very limited. I did see several Pacific Gulls along with a few Silver Gulls and a solitary Sooty Oystercatcher. Two Pelicans braved the wild conditions in the bay and a small number of Crested Terns kept watch from some rocks. A Nankeen Kestrel used the wind to its advantage, soaring on the rushing air to search out a late afternoon snack.

Leaving the shoreline and driving inland a few hundred metres the wind abated somewhat in the lee of the sand dunes and thick coastal vegetation. Here the birding was a little better and I sighted a small list of species, including

  • Masked Lapwings
  • Galahs
  • Willie Wagtails
  • Grey Currawongs
  • Silvereyes
  • Singing Honeyeater (also seen near the water)
  • Rainbow Lorikeets
  • Crested Pigeons

And just as we were leaving the camping ground area we sighted a group of five juvenile Western Grey Kangaroos grazing near the road. They are used to vehicles in this area and didn’t stop their grazing as I stopped to take some photos.

Western Grey Kangaroos, Pondalowie Bay, South Australia

Australian Magpie, Pondalowie Bay, South Australia


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  1. Louise says:

    I love your kangaroo photos Trevor. I just listened to Tim Flannery’s Country which is largely about kangaroos.So this is very topical for me.

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