Bathing beauties

Mallee Ringnecks bathing

We have a small flock of Mallee Ringneck parrots on our five acre block. On most days we will see 2 to 4 of them, sometimes more. We love seeing them in and around our garden – except when they attack our ripening pears.

This autumn and early winter we have had above average rainfall for this time of year. Over recent weeks it has rained on many occasions and our gravel driveway quickly gathers the rainfall, forming several puddles. A few days ago I noticed two of the parrots enjoying a splash in one of the puddles. The muddy water (see photos below) seemed to them to be preferable to the nice clean water in the bird baths nearby.

Mallee Ringnecks bathing

Mallee Ringnecks bathing

Mallee Ringneck


2 Responses to “Bathing beauties”

  1. John Tongue says:

    Nothing like a quick dip on a brisk winter’s day!

    • Trevor says:

      They can have it, John. We’ve had some really bitterly cold weather in recent weeks, with plenty of rain and chilled winds, followed in recent days by heavy frosts every morning. Got down to – 2.8 here last night.

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