Bird books make wonderful gifts

Last week I picked up my daughter from the Adelaide International Airport. She was returning from a five week holiday in France, Italy and England. On arrival at home she produced a little gift for me. It was a pocket bird guide. It was a Collins Nature Guide called Birds of Britain and Europe by Nicolai, Singer and Wothe.

It is a lovely little book with great photographic illustrations and enough text to help identify the birds. Its small size and light weight makes it ideal to carry in a day pack while out birding – or just going about various activities on holidays even if birding is not the prime focus.

There is only one problem: now I have to go to Europe to see all those wonderful birds.


3 Responses to “Bird books make wonderful gifts”

  1. Alan says:

    I brought a whole bunch of bird books back when I returned to Australia a couple of years ago. I’ll probably never use them again for actual birding but they’re great just to flick through and to enjoy the memories.

  2. Trevor says:

    Indeed Alan – I agree with you – there is much value and entertainment to be derived from having a good collection of beautiful books and magazines at one’s fingertips.

    I recently relocated many dozens (it seemed like hundreds actually) of books and magazines from boxes and cupboards into two lovely new bookcases of the type available from a well-known overseas furniture store who recently opened a branch in Adelaide. Bliss.

    Now – where to find the time to read them all?

  3. Steve West says:

    Hi Alan

    It seems to me that bird books, especially bird guides, can be excellent gifts when presented to the right recipient. The trouble is that we birders are often given bird books that would have been useful or more interesting when we were starting out all those years ago.

    Having said that my mother handed me a jumble sale copy of the AA book of British Birds, first published in 1969, and I love it! It’s like a hallowed historical document and I feel like I really should be wearing white gloves every time I handle it.


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