Traffic Wise Ravens

Driving home from Adelaide a few days ago I was amused at the tactics of a Little Raven on the road. I was using the South Eastern Freeway from Adelaide and heading home towards Murray Bridge.

This section of the freeway has two lanes each way. In the middle of the two lanes there was a road kill – probably a rabbit. As I approached the Little Raven stopped eating the road kill and took several steps into the right hand lane, waiting for the car in front of me and for my car to pass by in the left hand lane. It waited patiently for a few seconds and then strode back to its lunch and continued eating.


One Response to “Traffic Wise Ravens”

  1. Alan says:

    They do that here too. They seem to know exactly where the traffic will go. The thing is, if were a bird with the power of flight and a car was hurtling toward me, I wouldn’t be making a casual escape on foot.

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