Little Ravens nest building

A few days ago I observed two Little Ravens strutting around our garden. This is not all that unusual; they are often seen looking for morsels to eat. This behaviour, however, was somewhat different.

This pair – I am assuming that they were indeed a pair – were gathering various types of materials from the garden and driveway. This included pieces of bark, bits of string, the odd twig and other things I couldn’t quite make out. After a few minutes of this they both flew off out of view. I didn’t have the time to follow them to see where they were nest building. I have no proof that they were, indeed, nesting – or just gathering different objects for the fun of it. It is about that time of year that they usually start breeding, so their action was not unexpected.

What amused me about the whole episode was their deliberate walk. They casually yet deliberately strode around as if they owned the place. I guess that our garden is really their place – I am the interloper. Their forebears were in occupancy for millennia before I bought the property.

Little Raven

Little Raven

I didn’t have the time or the camera ready to take a photo at the time, so you will have to be content with a photo taken of two Little Ravens (a pair?) sitting in a tree near our house a few years ago.


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  1. Alan says:

    There’s a lot of spring activity here at the moment.

    Nice shot of the Ravens.

    I thought I seen a Little Raven in Tassie but they are difficult (for me) to separate from other Ravens. If you have a spare moment you can see it here

  2. Trevor says:

    The ravens here in Murray Bridge are quite easy to identify – almost all are Little Ravens. We do get the occasional Australian Raven but they are far more common east of the Murray River. The further east one goes the more likely they are Australian Ravens. I usually identify via call. While this is not foolproof it is quite reliable for these two species.

    I have very little experience with the Forest Raven – I’ve only seen it a handful of times in southern Victoria. My first sighting was unmistakable – its call is so different.

  3. John Tongue says:

    When we lived in NSW, we used to think the Australian Ravens’ call was so deep and mellow. After living in Tassie, and hering the Forest Ravens’ deep baritone, the Aus. Ravens when we visit the mainland these days seems so feeble and ‘whimpy’!

  4. Trevor says:

    I must agree with you John – despite my limited experience with the Forest Raven.

  5. Angel says:

    Is there anything to be scared of with ravens? do they attack or swoop at people?- just wondering

  6. Trevor says:

    Hi there Angel – welcome to my blog about Australian birds.

    In my opinion there is nothing to worry about regarding ravens and crows in Australia. I have never heard of any occasions where these birds have attacked or even swooped humans.

    On the other hand – they can be very annoying at times. We have had individuals wake us up around dawn with loud calling and tapping on our bedroom window just after dawn. Not a good wake up call, let me assure you. All it is doing in this instance is attacking its reflection, thinking it is an enemy on its territory.

    Oh – and they also steal chook eggs from the nest.

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