Bird Watching in Greece

I have never been to Greece and have no immediate plans to take a holiday there. However, if you would like to send me a return airline ticket to Greece I would be forced to consider changing any plans I have.

It certainly is one of those countries I would love to visit. At school I studied ancient history and so I know quite a deal about many aspects of Greek culture and their history. I enjoyed the coverage of the Athens Olympics in 2004 and the snippets of the countryside shown during that time. Several of our television networks here in Australia feature holiday destinations in Greece occasionally.

I must admit that my main interest in visiting Greece would have to be to visit historic sites, cultural sites and some of the beautiful islands. Until recently I hadn’t considered going there just to go birding. That was until I discovered the blog Birdwatching in Greece. This blog gives an excellent coverage of many of the birds found in Greece. It also features many wonderful photos of birds seen there by birders. Over a dozen trip reports are included in the archives. It also includes links to a number of Greek birding blogs and birding web sites.

This blog is worth a visit even if it is just to look at the photos.


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