White Faced Heron

I have many birds on my list of favourites. I guess that they really can’t be ALL favourites. A better way of expressing it would be to say that I really enjoy seeing this species or that species.

White Faced Heron

White Faced Heron

On the list of birds I really enjoy seeing and watching is the White Faced Heron. This bird is such an elegant, neat and beautiful bird that I delight in every sighting of this species. On a recent trip to visit my daughter in Clare in the mid-north of South Australia we came home via Kapunda, an old historic copper mining town now farming centre. It was time for a cuppa, so we pulled off the main road through the town and found a delightful little park. Birding was a secondary aim but this little interlude was rather special.

White Faced Heron

White Faced Heron

A single White Faced Heron was stalking elegantly through the sticks and mud and debris at one end of the small artificial lake in the park. As I cautiously approached for a close up shot it flew to a nearby bridge across the lake, alighting on the hand rail. I was delighted with the resultant photo.

White Faced Herons are found throughout Australia where there is suitable habitat. They are mostly found in shallow wetlands, swamps, farm dams, tidal mudflats, grasslands and are sometimes seen visiting garden fishponds. On one occasion we even had one visit our swimming pool… er… “swamp” – it had frogs in it at the time.


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  1. Peter Hardy says:

    Hi Trevor, I have just come across your web site whilst looking to identify a bird I saw at Garden Island on Sydney Harbour yesterday and I now know it is a White Faced Heron. It is the first time I have seen one and was taken by its elegant look and stance. Would you like me to email you the pic?

  2. Peter Hardy says:

    I have a pic of the white faced heron, can I email it to you?

  3. Trevor says:

    They certainly are elegant looking birds, Peter.

  4. Baby Coots says:

    […] White Faced Heron – with photos taken at the same location. […]

  5. We have a heron’s nest in our tall Robinia tree in the backyard.
    The nest contained one chick now approx. 4 weeks old.
    During the stong wind change on Thursday the chick some how was
    blown down into our garden. I found it standing beside the icecream container of water that I place in the garden for birds to drink from during summer time. As it couldn’t fly more than 2 feet as its wings are not yet quite developed. I took him down to the Melb.Vet Hospital in Werribee who were going to forward him to a wild life carer. The parents of the baby heron are here each day still looking for their chick. I wonder if he should be released here and if the parents will look after him once he can fly or would they not recognize him after being touche by humans. Has anyone reared a heron beore? Regards Brigitte Hayes

  6. Trevor says:

    Hi there Brigette,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments.

    White-faced Herons are relatively common in captivity, especially in zoos. I’m sure that most zoos will have had experience at raising the young. Might be worth contacting your nearest zoo or wildlife park for advice. It’s way beyond my experience and knowledge, sorry.

  7. jasmine says:

    hi everyone im doing a school project

  8. rob says:

    Hello, would you think it psooible that a white faced heron could fly from Indonesia to Australia?



  9. Trevor says:

    Hi Rob,

    White-faced Herons are found throughout Australia in suitable habitat (mainly near water). They also occur in Indonesia, PNG, throughout the Pacific region and NZ. They are generally sedentary but are known to be part migratory in the northern parts of Australia so it is quite possible for one to migrate from Indonesia to Australia.

  10. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Trevor Hampel, Craig Crisp. Craig Crisp said: RT @TrevorHampel: Photos of the beautiful White-faced Heron http://bit.ly/eveRQ8 #birds #birding #herons #photos […]

  11. Tia says:

    Hello, I have a white faced heron chick almost at flying age, and he has hurt his wing, I am experienced in raising birds, but herons are much harder to raise any ideas??

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