Bird Word: Accidental

  • Accidental: when a species is observed in an area or region where it is a long way from its normal range or distribution, it is said to be ‘accidental’.

A few years ago there was an accidental occurrence of a male Rose Robin here in Murray Bridge. Apparently it is a totally beautiful bird but I didn’t get to see it. I was in bed with the flu that week. [Sigh] I still haven’t seen this species. [Bigger sigh].

The Rose Robin is found through eastern and southern Australia. Its normal habitat is wet rainforests and in dense wet gullies. None of these exist in Murray Bridge. However, it does occur from time to time in the Adelaide Hills, about 60-70kim to the west. It must have been on its way there and decided to have a few days holiday by the river.

As I said, I still haven’t seen this species, so I haven’t taken a photo of a Rose Robin. The next best is this photo of a Red Capped Robin. Just pretend the red is rose coloured.

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2 Responses to “Bird Word: Accidental”

  1. Duncan says:

    Brilliant bird, brilliant photo.

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