Should I belong to a Bird Club?

This is # 19 in a series of frequently asked questions about birds and birding.

Should I belong to a bird club?

  • Being with like minded people, especially if they have more experience than you, is an excellent way of learning about birds.
  • Many organisations have excellent monthly meetings, often with very experienced speakers.
  • Most organisations also have monthly or quarterly journals or magazines, another excellent way of learning about birds in your area.
  • Most clubs often have monthly, even weekly, outings and excursions to great birding spots.
  • Sometimes the leaders can arrange access to areas where the general public cannot go, so this, of itself, is worth the annual fee.
  • I would highly recommend belonging to at least one local bird group and one national birding organisation, providing you can afford both. I am confident that you will not regret your decision.


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