Bird Word: Crown

  • Crown: the top of the head of a bird

This word refers to the top of the head of a bird, so no prizes for guessing that one. With some birds it is called the cap, in others it is called the crown. Similarly, as in the case of the cap, the word crown lends itself to descriptive names for some species.

Australian bird species that have the descriptive word ‘crown’ in their name include:

  • Chestnut-Crowned Babbler
  • Grey-Crowned Babbler
  • Rufous-Crowned Emu-Wren
  • Purple-Crowned Fairy-Wren
  • Purple-Crowned Fruit-Dove (Superb Fruit-Dove)
  • Rose-Crowned Fruit-Dove
  • Tawny-Crowned Honeyeater
  • Purple-Crowned Lorikeet

2 Responses to “Bird Word: Crown”

  1. Snail says:

    ‘Crowned’ sounds so regal. Even grey-crowned babbler has a touch of class about it.

    (You can’t say the same about the word ‘vent’ …)

  2. Trevor says:

    I agree with you Snail. Not only does it sound regal, the ‘grey’ suggests mature in age. Seeing these birds clowning around totally throws that concept out the window, however.

    I love seeing the beautiful Chestnut Crowned Babblers when we travel north from here. Locally we have the White Browed Babblers that frequently cavort through our garden. They are the clowns of the bird world.

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