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I have been a contributor to the Australian birding newsgroup Birding-Aus for about nine years now. Over that time I have sent many hundreds of messages for other birders in Australia to read. Some of these have created further comments and feedback – even controversy at times – from other birders.

“Birding-Aus is an information centre for everyone with an interest in Australia’s wild birds, their conservation and behaviour.”

Quoted from the home page.

This is an excellent way of learning more about Australian birds, where they are being seen, news of rare sightings or unusual behaviour. It is also very good for planning places to visit on holidays where one will see certain birds.

From time to time there are even debates about various issues relating to birds and their conservation. Most posts to this newsgroup are archived. These archives are an excellent resource in finding out more about birds and good birding spots. Just follow the links to find the archives.

There is a links section listing links to many websites about birds here in Australia and overseas. Anyone can join the mailing list and receive all of the messages posted each day. Members can also send messages to the group.

  • Birding-Aus home page.
Sacred Kingfisher

Sacred Kingfisher


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