Birding on a morning walk

This morning we had a gentle walk along a few streets and roads we don’t normally use on our times of exercise. It was a mild morning, not frosty like so many mornings in recent months here in Murray Bridge, South Australia. A few clouds but mostly sunny with a gentle breeze – ideal conditions for a walk.

The birds thought so too – not for a walk mind you. They were everywhere calling and flitting around in the bushes and trees in the gardens as we walked along. There seemed to be honeyeaters everywhere; Red Wattlebirds, New Holland Honeyeaters, Singing and White Plumed Honeyeaters. I also heard several Brown Headed Honeyeaters but failed to see them.

I didn’t expect to see several Masked Lapwings as we walked through this part of the town. This species is common and widespread throughout the district but usually in association with water nearby. I had forgotten that we had to walk past a dam in a nearby paddock. There was also a small quarry containing some water. One of the lapwings was pacing along the edge of the muddy water.

Willie Wagtails

As we neared home the area opens into farming areas. In one of the paddocks we saw five Willie Wagtails feeding together. I thought this a little unusual as I normally only see them one or two at a time. As they flew off I realised that three must have recently left their nest as they were hotly pursuing their parents. Our own resident Willie Wagtails haven’t nested yet – at least, I haven’t observed a nest. I’d better check it out tomorrow.


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