How to be a Birder part 13

Hint # 13 Read birding blogs

You are reading this on my birding blog. Thanks for reading my little attempt at helping people like you learn more about birds and become keen birders yourself. Over the years watching birds has given me countless hours of pleasure, entertainment and relaxation. In the last few years many birders have started sharing their birding experiences by means of their blogs, like I have.

I would strongly encourage you to seek out some of these blogs and read them. Those with photo galleries are particularly interesting. This is an excellent way of learning more about the creatures we love, the birds. The photo galleries are also a great way to get to know the birds of other countries, all for the cost of your internet connection. Far cheaper than flying all over the world looking for them. Not that it ever substitutes for seeing the real bird out in the field. But then, many people cannot afford to go on expensive birding trips to exotic places.

Some birding blogs I really enjoy are listed below. This is a mere handful of sites. On each blog, look for the links section and their blog roll, or list of blogs they enjoy. This will lead you to sites that they enjoy. But just be warned: reading birding blogs can be addictive. And don’t forget to return to mine!

Birding Blogs I Like:

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Silver Gull

Silver Gull


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  1. Trevor says:

    Thanks for that Peter.

    I must update this entry sometime – and my blogroll as well.

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