Birding S.A.

There are many active birders in the state of South Australia where I live. We have an interesting cross section of Australia’s birdlife present in our state. We have a diverse range of habitats in South Australia too, which accounts for why we have well over 400 species.

In his website Birding South Australia Peter Waanders says this about our state and its birds:

South Australia contains a variety of landscapes ranging from the dry red interior deserts to the lush and green Mt Lofty Ranges. Wetlands and mangroves around Adelaide and estuaries in the Coorong, floodplains along the Murray River and vast expanses of mallee provide habitat to many interesting bird species, some of which are only found in this state. Over 430 species have been recorded here, and vagrants turn up regularly. Due to the small human population (1.5 million), large size (three times the size of Texas), and distance from the more populated centres in the eastern states, birding is generally low-key. Over recent years however an increasing number of Australian and international visitors have discovered the birding secrets SA has to offer.

Peter’s site offers a wealth of information about the birds of South Australia, including recent sightings, a checklist of the birds of South Australia, a very comprehensive list of good birding sites throughout the state, trip reports, a photo gallery and many links to other birding sites throughout Australia and some international sites.


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