Interesting Garden Visitor

This morning we had an interesting visitor to our garden and orchard. A single Straw Necked Ibis decided that the snail population on our five acre block of land was worth a visit. It hung around for about an hour before heading off elsewhere.

The Straw Necked Ibis is a common and widespread species throughout many parts of Australia. Flocks of many hundreds can often be seen flying over different parts of the Murray Bridge district. This is a familiar sight in many parts of the country. We’ve even had large flocks – as many as 300 at a time – fly over head.

So why the fuss over a single individual?

This is the first time in the 22 years we have lived here that we have seen a Straw Necked Ibis actually land on our property. This is strange because one section is open paddock and ideal for a small flock to land and feed. I felt like going up to it and asking it to invite all its friends to come pay a visit.

I felt tempted to ask it to invite its cousin, the Glossy Ibis to come pay a visit. You see, the Glossy is one of my “bogey birds” – no matter how hard I try in suitable habitat, I don’t seem to be able to find even one!


And when I do eventually get to see one, what are the chances of seeing dozens everywhere I go? It seems to be an unofficial birding law.


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