Birds After Rain

Hot, dry summers

We have not had any significant rain here in Murray Bridge, South Australia for the last four months – since mid-December. This is quite typical of our hot, dry summers. We either get nothing for most of summer or torrential downpours over several hours. The previous summer of 2004-05 saw much flooding in many areas of the city. Over the intervening twelve months the local council has been very busy correcting the lack of adequate drainage in some areas.

Significant Rain
Overnight and during this morning we have had steady rain amounting to 25mm (1 inch) which amounts to 7% of our annual average rainfall (344mm). The weather forecast is for heavy rain later in the day. A check of the radar on the Bureau of Meteorology website showed heavy rain heading our way. There are currently in place flood warnings in our area.

Birds after the rain
While it was still raining the birds around our garden were quiet and inconspicuous. When it stopped there was much activity. The Grey Shrike Thrushes began singing as did the Spiny Cheeked Honeyeaters. Our resident family of White Winged Choughs came patrolling through the garden and scrub at the front of the house. Flocks of noisy Galahs are wheeling through the trees as I write. White Plumed Honeyeaters and New Holland Honeyeaters are also calling.


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