Brown Headed Honeyeaters

While having breakfast this morning a flock of Brown Headed Honeyeaters flew past. This species is a regular visitor to our garden here in Murray Bridge, South Australia. I love hearing their “chip, chip, chip” contact calls as they swarm from tree to tree. They are not often seen alone; usually they come through the garden in waves of anything from 5 or 6 through to 15 or more.

So far I have been unable to get a photo of these rather plain yet delightful little honeyeaters. It is a challenge because they seem to be constantly on the move. My best chance will be when they visit our bird bath. Here they line up on the branch above, or on the edge of the bird bath, ready for their turn to bathe. On occasions I have observed 5 or 6 in the water at one time, water splashing in all directions.

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UPDATE: I can now add the photo below.

Brown-headed Honeyeater

Brown-headed Honeyeater


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