Birds in Backyards

This evening I discovered a really useful and interesting website called Birds in Backyards. I had heard about this program before but I can’t recall visiting their website before.

Bird ID

One useful aspect of the site is the bird identification help called a “Bird Finder”. It prompts you to answer several simple questions about the bird you saw and then shows you the bird and gives heaps of information about the bird, its distribution, habitat and even includes an MP3 file which plays the call of the bird. It’s really neat.

Bird Records

The web site enables you to submit your bird records from your own backyard. The form is easy to fill out and takes only several minutes for each survey. Surveys can be daily (over a 20 minute period), weekly or yearly. Drop down menus make selection easy. It’s a really user friendly site. One has to become a member first, but joining takes only a minute or two and is free.
Aims of the Program

The following is quoted from the site itself:

Birds in Backyards is a research, education and conservation program focusing on birds and the urban environment. The program was developed in response to the reduction of bird species living in built up areas, the rapid expansion of these areas and the consequent loss of habitat. Initially a Birds Australia program, Birds in Backyards became a program of both Birds Australia and the Australian Museum in February 2005, when a partnership was formed.

To visit the web site click here.


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