Birds in the heat

Close up view of a Magpie Lark

Southern Australia is experiencing a series of very hot days since Christmas. Here in Murray Bridge, South Australia, we have experienced most days over the temperature of 35C (95F) with several days getting as high as 45C (113F). It’s been hot, very hot. On days like that I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to go out to work in the sun. I can hunker down inside, get on with my reading or writing with the air conditioning drifting cool air throughout the house.

Not so for our bird life. Many of our wonderful garden birds really suffer during such hot spells. I keep our various bird baths topped up with clean fresh water, and there is a constant stream of birds visiting for a drink, and often for a splash. The Magpie Larks (see photo above) are really keen to come to the bird bath in our front garden. We have a good view of this spot from our sun room which also doubles as a bird hide suitable for photography as well.

The Magpie Larks don’t have the water all to themselves. The local resident Australian Magpies also love to come for a drink and to bathe. The magpies can be very bossy, too. They like to either stand in the water – or sit in the water, often for an hour or more at a time. No sharing, just exclusive occupation.

Perhaps I need to set up a booking system.


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