Never assume anything about birds

Common Bronzewing pigeon, Mallacoota, eastern Victoria

Of the many things I’ve learned about birds over the years, one principle stands out: never assume anything.

I was out in the garden searching out several birds making a noise near the house. I didn’t get much of a look at them but by their call and the quick look I had of one of them I think they were Yellow (Little) Thornbills.

As they flew off my attention was drawn to a solitary bird perched high in a dead branch of a nearby tree. “Spotted Turtledove” I immediately thought, as they are a common breeding species in our garden. I lifted my binoculars and was delighted to see that the bird in question was actually a Common Bronzewing Pigeon.

This was a good sighting, for although they are a common species in our district, they tend to prefer less populated, thicker scrubby areas. On checking my bird database I found that this was only the 5th record of this species on our block of land. My records go back 28 years, so I was quite pleased I saw this individual.

And to think I’d almost not given it another look.


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  1. I’m so glad for you, that taking a second look had such a good result! It’s always worth checking and double-checking! I’ve never seen one myself, lots of spotted turtle doves. They’re the most eaten bird in our place. My hounds are fast, those doves are hmm, well, they’re not fast enough.

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