The Budgerigar is a small green and yellow parrot found throughout the inland parts of Australia. Flocks of hundreds and even thousands (if the conditions are right) are a spectacular sight. We’ve only once had a small flock in our garden in Murray Bridge, South Australia. On one occasion while birding near Mildura, Victoria, we witnessed a large flock feeding on the ground. They are a truly spectacular species to see in the wild.

Budgerigars are also a very commonly kept pet throughout the world. Pet birds have a reputation for escaping from aviaries. It is in this context that a wild population became established in Florida. This population once grew to some 20000 or so, but has more recently died out. This wild population now numbers only about 100 individuals.

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Budgerigars, Cleland Wildlife Park

Budgerigars, Cleland Wildlife Park


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