Spreading Starlings

The Common Starling is an introduced species in Australia. It has been a very successful immigrant and is now found over large parts of Australia. It has also become one of our major pest species, especially in fruit growing regions. Flocks in their thousands cloud the skies in fruit ripening areas. The cost to agriculture has been, and continues to be, enormous.

The Western Australian Department of Agriculture, however, has been successful – so far – in keeping this pest species out of their fruit growing areas. Recently several flocks have been found 30km further west than thought. Extra efforts are being made to eradicate this new threat.

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2 Responses to “Spreading Starlings”

  1. reg wade says:

    trevor could you please give a way of eradicating crows that are eating our chook eggs and chickens

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi Reg,

    There is no way of eradicating the crows and ravens unless you have a permit from your local National Parks and Wildlife office. Other wise, it is an offence to harass, harm or destroy any of our native species of birds, including their nests and eggs.

    The only course of action is to totally enclose the fowl run in chicken netting. If you also ensure that the netting is deep in the ground you also guard against predation by foxes. (Foxes are more a problem than crows and ravens where we live)

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