Charlie’s Bird Blog

One of the more entertaining birding blogs on the internet is Charlie’s Bird Blog. Charlie has a dream job – for a birder. He works for British Airways and in this job he flies all over the world to some wonderfully exotic birding places. He makes regular postings of places he has been and what he has seen.

Photo Gallery

Charlie’s photo gallery has over a thousand shots of birds from many different countries. He has 116 galleries in all. They are all brilliant but be warned: they take a while to load.

Trip Reports:

Since 2004 Charlie has been posting trip reports of the birds he has seen in all those wonderful places he visits. These now number over 60 reports and most have photos. The trip reports come from his visits to Africa, Asia (Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Singapore, Thailand), Australia, Europe (UK, Germany), North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), the Middle East and South America.


I love Charlie’s motto: “…sleep can wait, I’m going birding!”

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2 Responses to “Charlie’s Bird Blog”

  1. Charlie says:

    Wow – thanks so much for the positive comments. Much appreciated Trevor! Cheers…

  2. Trevor says:

    My pleasure. Keep the great posts coming. And the great photos too.

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