Ravens and windows

Little Raven

Little Raven

We always have a few Little Ravens in and around the garden. In recent days they have been very noisy, especially when they perch on the roof guttering just above the office window. Then it is hard to concentrate on my writing.

Mid-morning yesterday I was attracted to a different noise made by one of our local ravens. One of them was attacking the window of our bedroom, pecking at the glass and banging its wings violently at the perceived interloper it could see. It was attacking its own reflection. This happens from time to time when an individual is attracted to its own reflection in a window.

Normally we just chase off the confused bird. In the summer months it can be very annoying when they start attacking the glass reflection at first light at 5:30am. Not a pleasant wake up call!


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  1. Gae & Rob says:

    No helpful advice rather an extension of the same question.
    We are experiencing a similar situation. Apart from constantly needing to clean the windows, the droppings have left a white stain on the brick pavers outside the window (we were away from home for a week and came home to an unsightly mess). Since returning home unfortunately the behaviour has not ceased. Any response as to how to clean the pavers and/or have the crow desist would be very welcome.

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi there Gae and Rob,

    It must be very frustrating to have such a mess left by the birds. Can I suggest you try using a propriety cement cleaner to get rid of the mess. Check at your local hardware centre for advice with this.

    As for discouraging the behaviour – good luck. They are very persistent during the breeding season. Is it possible to put a temporary shade cloth screen over the window? This would stop the birds seeing its own reflection which it thinks is a rival.

  3. jessica says:

    Hi everyone,
    I have had a battle with a black bird pecking my mirrored window from the bathroom. This fight has been going on for 7 months. Apart from the pecking the constant cleaning of window and poop on the ledge and surrounds drove me nuts. I solved it a few days ago. Bought 2 lots of xmas fairy tinsel, the tinsel you drape over the tree, I blue tacked it around the lower part of the window. The bird has flown down and been terrified, flying away instantly. I am going to leave the tinsel until the bird dies of old age. Solved it for under $4.

  4. Trevor says:

    What a brilliant – and cheap – solution Jessica.

    I wonder if it would work on fruit trees? If nothing else, they’d look beautiful – and so appropriate at Christmas time.

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