Common Bulbul, Addis Ababa

Common Bulbul, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

During our recent stay in Ethiopia we went to visit a silk outlet in suburban Addis Ababa. This shop was in a private home with an extensive garden. It was a delightful spot and quite the ideal retreat from the rush of a crowded city. While our wives were buying some lovely items from the shop, Brett and I meandered through the garden taking in the serenity. The beautiful garden naturally attracted a range of local birds, including the Common Bulbul shown above.

The view I had was only fleeting; just enough time to capture this rather poor photo, but good enough for a positive ID. My research has revealed that it is a common species throughout Africa. You guessed it – I never saw this species again! Such is the birding life. Common Bulbuls inhabit a wide range of environments, including thick undergrowth, gardens and parks. This species eats fruit, nectar and insects.

Australia only has one species of bulbul, the introduced Red-whiskered Bulbul (click for a photo).

Below I have included several photos taken in the gardens.

In a private garden in Addis Ababa

In a private garden in Addis Ababa


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