Tacazze Sunbird, Addis Ababa

Tacazze Sunbird, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The Tacazze Sunbird was one of the more spectacular birds I saw in Ethiopia.  In its adult breeding plumage it has a deep violet and iridescent colouring but the individuals I saw were mainly in the immature stage or non-breeding plumage, like the bird shown in these photos, taken in a private garden in suburban Addis Ababa.

Several others I saw in the gardens of the school where my daughter was teaching had some colouring, but they were so elusive I struggled to get good photos.

Tacazze Sunbird, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tacazze Sunbird, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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  1. Louise says:

    Nectar feeders with curved beaks are some of my favourite birds. I googled images of these birds in their iridescent breeding plumage. Extraordinary.

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