Darter at Sturt Reserve, Murray Bridge

Sturt Reserve, Murray Bridge, South Australia

Over the last few days I have been sharing some of the photos I took several weeks ago when I took time out from my busy schedule to do some birding. Despite being a chilly winter’s day, the conditions were quite acceptable and it was good to feel some sunshine after all the dull wet weather we’ve had so far this year.

One of the birds I enjoy seeing most times along the Murray River here in Murray Bridge is the Darter, shown in the photos below. One has to be quick to see this species in the water when it’s fishing. It dives quickly and often stays under water for a considerable length of time. After every period of feeding, every Darter and every cormorant needs to find a suitable perch and “hang out the washing”, that is, they need to dry their wings before they become waterlogged and drown.

I was able to approach this individual to within five metres as it perched there. Interestingly, this one appears to be an immature female, going by the plumage.

Darter at Sturt Reserve, Murray Bridge

Darter at Sturt Reserve, Murray Bridge



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