Ducks in the Lane Cove National Park

Australian Wood Ducks - male (L) and female (R)

Australian Wood Ducks – male (L) and female (R)

The Lane Cove National Park in Sydney has the Lane Cove River flowing through it. Many areas near the banks of the river have been cleared of vegetation to accommodate ovals, picnic grounds and parking space for the many visitors who frequent the park daily. The water and the picnic areas naturally attract a range of ducks.

On our visit a few months ago I only recorded two species: Australian Wood Ducks and Pacific Black Ducks. The photo above shows the male on the left and the female on the right. The photo shows – in part – the big differences in the plumage between the male and female. The photo below shows some of the fine markings on the male bird.


Male Australian Wood Duck

Today’s last photo is of a Pacific Black Duck, one of our most common ducks.

Pacific Black Duck

Pacific Black Duck


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