Favourite Birding Spot #4 Lake Inchiquin, Clare

Lake Inchiquin, Clare

Lake Inchiquin, Clare

Lake Inchiquin is an artificial lake in Clare in the mid-north district of South Australia. The lake borders the southern and western parts of the Clare Country Club and its golf club. The lake is essentially an artificial one, more of a large dam to give the country club a beautiful outlook. The southern edge of the lake incorporates a picnic area, complete with a model train track several kilometres in length. This track is used by enthusiasts two weekends a month.

Convenient Birding

I enjoy birding at Lake Inchiquin because it is so convenient. It is a two minute walk from my daughter’s home in Clare. Not only that, there is a good walking path along the water’s edge. The path has many trees and bushes planted on each side making the path an elongated natural bird hide. There are enough gaps in the vegetation to get good views of any birds on the lake or along the edges. Another reason for enjoying this spot is the variety of water birds present all year round. Some species I have trouble tracking down in other parts of the state.


Ducks are very well represented on the lake. I have recorded the following species:

  • Pacific Black Duck (very common)
  • Pink-Eared Duck (present in small numbers)
  • Grey Teal (common)
  • Blue-Billed Duck (common)
  • Freckled Duck (rare)
  • Australasian Shoveler (present in small numbers)
  • Australian Wood Duck (very common)
  • Hardhead (White-Eyed Duck) (present in small numbers)
  • Mallard (introduced)

Other water birds include:

  • Hoary Headed Grebe (common)
  • Australasian Grebe (common)
  • Eurasian Coot (very numerous)
  • Black-tailed Native-hen (sometimes numerous)
  • Dusky Moorhen (common)
  • Black-fronted Dotterel (usually 2-4 present)
  • Black Swan (occasional)
  • Little Black Cormorant (common)
  • Little Pied Cormorant (common)
  • Masked Lapwing (common)
  • White-faced Heron (several)
  • Nankeen Night Heron (3 recorded on one occasion)

Along the path and in the nearby golf course and picnic grounds I have recorded many more species. I will write about that tomorrow.


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