Great Birding Moments #15 Long Billed Corellas

Long Billed Corellas

Long Billed Corellas

This great birding moment occured not in the field but at my computer. A few weeks ago we visited Laratinga Wetlands at Mt Barker in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. It was a calm and mild evening and we had a cuppa and a few biscuits while sitting on a log placed near the water’s edge. There was the usual squadron of ducks, grebes and coots swimming about – or headed in our direction hoping for a tasty handout. (Word must be out that my wife’s Anzac biscuits are superb).

Long Billed Corellas

Long Billed Corellas

A small flock of Corellas flew in and landed on a nearby tree. “Little Corellas” was my immediate thought and wrote that in my notebook. It was only when I downloaded the photos to my computer that night that I realised that they were actually Long Billed Corellas. Oops. Never assume anything – check them out carefully. It’s a good rule of thumb when birding. I had momentarily lapsed into thinking that they were Littles when in fact both species are common in our state.

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Updated November 2013.


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  2. Peter says:

    Hi Trevor,

    same thing happened to me. over the back fence is a school oval. always little’s and galahs and sulphurs. heard all the squawking last night and assumed little but actually long billed. first sighting for me. I live in paradise!


  3. Peter says:

    oops on the apostrophe!

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