How can I learn more about birds?

This is #18 in a series of frequently asked questions about birding.

How can I learn more about birds?

  • Learning about birds can be accomplished in many ways.
  • Studying field guides and other books is essential.
  • Much can be gained by reading bird magazines and on-line web sites, including birding blogs like this one. If you go to the links section of my blog I list some sites I particularly like.
  • I also enjoy learning more from natural history television programmes, videos and DVDs. I have quite a few and wished my budget stretched to the purchase of more.
  • Borrowing from libraries and other birders is another source of information.
  • Joining a birding club and attending their meetings and outings into the field is yet another way to hone one’s skills.
  • Never underestimate how helpful other birders can be.


4 Responses to “How can I learn more about birds?”

  1. abe/hap says:

    Hi Trevor found your blog a while ago I love checking in to see what birds you have photographed each day.

  2. Trevor says:

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for the comment. I try to post a new article every day so I invite you to continue checking in regularly and to make comments where you can. I am pleased that so many people visit often as it makes all the effort worthwhile. Mind you, I am keen to share my passion for Australian birds so that helps too. I look forward to more comments from you in the coming weeks and months – hopefully years! I have plenty of ideas for articles and many more photos to share – and the photo gallery is growing daily.

  3. abe/hap says:

    Thanks Trevor, I added your site to our blog roll hope you dont mind.

    Also I was out feeding ducks the other day, and there was this very impressive blue bird, but Im not sure if it was a bird or a duck?, Ive posted a pic of it on our site in our recent post – If your over our way and know what type of bird or duck it is can you leave a comment and let me know.

  4. Trevor says:

    Thanks for the link. The bird is a Purple Swamphen, one of our common water birds and a very impressive one as you say.

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