Little Corellas at Mannum

Little Corella

Little Corella

A few weeks ago I was a guest speaker at the Mannum Garden Club. After the meeting I went down to the reserve by the river to have lunch. A small flock of about fifty Little Corellas was resting in the trees in the reserve. Several of them posed nicely for me.

Little Corellas can often be found in large flocks numbering in the hundreds. They can pose a threat to crops such as grain crops so they are sometimes not popular with farmers. Little Corellas are largely absent from the wetter eastern and southern coastal areas of Australia except where local feral populations have formed from aviary escapes. In the wild this species prefers the drier inland regions and they can be common to very abundant – even in pest numbers in some areas.

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Little Corella

Little Corella


4 Responses to “Little Corellas at Mannum”

  1. Alan says:

    Beautiful birds! I seen my first (Tasmanian) Long billed Corellas last week in a mixed flock with Sulphur-crested Cockatoos.

  2. Deb jones says:

    We have one that was washed out of its nest during the recent rains in Narromine .
    They are common along the river and mix with Sulphurs ( actually a sulphur was keeping the baby company on the ground when we spotted it ).
    Beautiful to watch flying in flocks by the water .

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