Rufous Songlark

Yesterday I wrote about the Common Skylarks calling near our house. During this last week we spent quite a deal of time dodging showers as we worked outside. The fruit trees desperately needed attention; the chain saw was fired up as some branches needed some drastic action.

In between bursts of cutting we heard the distinctive and unmistakable ‘twitchy tweedle’ call of the Rufous Songlark. This species is about the same size as a Common Skylark (and a little larger than a House Sparrow).

They are regular visitors about this time of the year through to spring. Several years ago I thought that a pair was going to nest on our block of land. They hung around the garden and nearby for more than a week, their rich, melodious call filling the air. They didn’t nest here and moved on after their short sojourn which enriched our lives.

Rufous Songlarks are widespread throughout most of Australia except Tasmania and are generally uncommon. Their preferred habitat includes open grassy areas in woodlands and scrubs.

I still need a photo of this species.


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