Lunch time visitor: Eastern Rosella

Eastern Rosella in our garden

Eastern Rosella in our garden

While we were having lunch today I noticed a beautiful Eastern Rosella feeding on some flowers in our garden. I wasn’t quick enough to get a new photograph, so I’ve used one I took some months ago.

This bird has been hanging out with our resident Ringneck Parrots. It is not a species normally found in this part of South Australia, so I am assuming it has escaped from someone’s aviary. It has been resident in our garden for most of the year. I much prefer it flying around than in an aviary anyway.


4 Responses to “Lunch time visitor: Eastern Rosella”

  1. Susan Maas says:

    What a beautiful bird! I wish we had colorful birds like that in Oregon. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi there Susan,

    Thanks for visiting my site. We are really blessed with many beautiful birds here in Australia. I have yet to experience the delight of birding in your country – I’m sure you have many fine birds too – eg hummingbirds.

  3. JiJi says:

    Hello Trevor,
    I found your blog when my friend sent me a link of Australian birds. I used to be able to see some eastern rosella in Canberra. They were really beautiful birds! I called them coward because they were very scared me when I tried to take a picture of them.
    I love your blog about Australian birds!

  4. Trevor says:

    Thanks for the kind words JiJi

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