Reporters chase a different kind of pollie

We are in the midst of an election campaign here in Australia. Politicians of all persuasions are being chased by reporters to get the latest breaking news.

In my home state this morning, reporters were chasing a different kind of pollie – an escaped parrot from Adelaide Zoo. A Blue and Gold Macaw escaped from the zoo and led the keepers on a chase through the parklands, with a string of reporters in their trail.

After a chase which kept reporters and zookeepers on their toes, an escaped macaw has been coaxed back into a cage in Adelaide.

The blue and gold macaw Tambo was getting some outdoor flight training at Adelaide Zoo on Wednesday when children frightened him and he flew off.

The two-year-old macaw faced attack from other birds in city trees which may have scared him even further afield.

Zoo bird keepers kept watch and called the bird as he took up roost in a 15-metre casuarina tree on the banks of the Torrens in the city.

To see photos, a video and to read the rest of the story click here.


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