Magpie Lark washing its food

Magpie Lark

In recent weeks we have had a minor locust plague. They weren’t in numbers sufficient to cause us great inconvenience, not like some other rural areas of South Australia in recent months. As they moved in we were delighted to see some of our resident Australian Magpies gorging themselves on this feast.

A few days ago, however, we saw an Australian Magpie Lark catch a locust and bring it to one of our bird baths. We were having lunch at the time and watched fascinated as this bird proceeded to wash its food in the water. I had heard of some birds species doing this, but this was the first time I’d actually witnessed it. Pity the camera wasn’t handy at the time.


One Response to “Magpie Lark washing its food”

  1. susan says:

    We also have pee wee’s using the bird bath for food washing/dunking. They look like grasshoppers. Why wash? Improve palatability?
    We have also watched the resident male “remove” gum leaves from the bath water.

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