Where are the cuckoos?

Pallid Cuckoo, Round Hill, NSW

I’ve recently been busy updating my database of bird sightings. I must admit that while I have been doing my degree over the last three years that the database is sadly out of date. Still, I’m a bit more organised once again and making good progress on catching up on all those sightings.

One of the things that I suddenly realised while adding recent records to the database was the almost complete absence of cuckoos in our garden over the recent spring/summer seasons. Usually we hear them calling incessantly over many days, especially when host species like the honeyeaters are nesting.

The cuckoo species we usually get here here in Murray Bridge South Australia include:

  • Horsfield’s Bronze-cuckoo
  • Pallid Cuckoo (see photo above)
  • Fan-tailed Cuckoo
  • Shining-bronze Cuckoo (once only)

This year I’ve only heard the Horsfield’s Bronze-cuckoo, and then only a couple of times. Strange.

I don’t think I said or written anything to upset or offend them.

Will have to wait until later this year to see if they come back.

Good birding.


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