Magpie Larks nesting

Magpie Lark

Magpie Lark

Magpie Larks are a breeding resident bird in our garden. We see them every day, the strident calls filling the air on many occasions throughout the day. Although the call is sharp and loud it is melodious and not at all annoying – unless the bird is only metres away.

Throughout the day they flutter around from fence post to roof gutter to tree top. Then they soar down to ground level and search for some tasty snack on the ground.

Magpie Lark

Magpie Lark

Over the last two weeks the pair of Magpie Larks living around our house have been very busy gathering mud, grass and feathers to make a nest near our back veranda. The bowl shaped nest took quite a few days to construct.

Yesterday I saw the pair violently pursuing an Australian Magpie away from the nest, so I assumed they now have eggs to hatch. Sure enough, one of them was later seen sitting tight on the nest, only its tail protruding from the nest (see below – just the tail can been seen on the left hand side).

It has been quite a few years since they nested in our garden. In more recent times they have preferred the large gum trees in our neighbour’s garden.

Magpie Lark's mud nest, Murray Bridge, South Australia

Magpie Lark's mud nest, Murray Bridge, South Australia


3 Responses to “Magpie Larks nesting”

  1. […] in the year they commenced a mud nest in a tall tree next to our clothes line. They were about to lay some eggs when we had several days […]

  2. Carole moss says:

    Hi there. We have had a pair of breeding murray magpies who built their nests every year on our neighbours tree and we watched them lay their eggs and raise their young. Last year our neighbor pulled down their nest three times because they didn’t want a mess (bird droppings) onntheir cement. We don’t have a tall enough tree on our yard. They often visit us and use our bird bath. Can we build them a nest in our yard?

    • Trevor says:

      Hi Carole,
      What your neighbour is doing is actually illegal. The nests, eggs and young of any of our native birds should not be disturbed during the breeding season. In the interest of neighbourly friendship, I am not suggesting that you accuse your neighbour of illegal acts. It is better to keep your relationship on friendly terms. You could try building the birds a nest in your yard but it is highly unlikely that they will use it. If your neighbour persists in destroying their nest they may give up and nest elsewhere.

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