Silver Gull eating a rabbit

Silver Gulls, Victor Harbor, South Australia

Silver Gulls, Victor Harbor, South Australia

Silver Gulls are the most common species of gull in Australia. They are found in all coastal regions around Australia as well as far inland near to water courses and lakes. Here in my home town of Murray Bridge in South Australia they are quite common along the River Murray which is about 4 kilometres from my home.

Last Saturday morning on my way down to the CBD of the town I needed to avoid hitting a Silver Gull feeding on, of all things, a dead rabbit in the middle of the road near our place. Silver Gulls are known for their scavenging habits, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen one eating a rabbit.

I didn’t have my camera with me at the time. My readers are probably relieved for that; the dead rabbit was not a pretty sight!


2 Responses to “Silver Gull eating a rabbit”

  1. Ryan says:

    The Silver Gull in Australian coast looks cute 🙂 even if they are common in australia

  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks for visiting my web site, Ryan.

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