New Holland Honeyeater nest

Nest of a New Holland Honeyeater

Nest of a New Holland Honeyeater

Birds can be very sneaky at times.

We were having breakfast in our sunroom this morning. As we ate, my wife observed a New Holland Honeyeater flying to what appeared to be a nest in a nearby bush in our garden (a Meleleuca lanceolata). A closer inspection of the bush revealed a dainty nest with two eggs.

Right under our noses they had built this nest and laid the eggs without us noticing.


This gives us a good opportunity to observe the progress of the nest and the young as they hatch. The trick will be to keep away and not inspect the nest too often. I do not to disturb them, seeing it is so close to the house.

New Holland Honeyeater

New Holland Honeyeater


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  3. issy says:

    what is a baby called

    • Trevor says:

      Hi there Issy,

      Most birds don’t have a special name for the babies, except for some species like ducks who have ducklings, geese have goslings and swans have cygnets.

      Most baby birds are just called chicks, nestlings or hatchlings. Honeyeaters don’t have a special name for their babies.

  4. Suzyemm says:

    Hi Trevor
    For the second year in a row a pair of New Holland honeyeaters have nested in a jasmine bush climbing on our garage wall. When the chicks were old enough they seemed to fall out of the nest and land either on the ground or in the bottom few branches of the climber. The parents were highly agitated and flew around most of the day watching them. Eventually at dusk, my husband picked up the chicks and put them in the low branches overhanging another shed close by,(which seems to be the main residence of the parent birds). The chicks then proceeded to hop up the branches to safety. Are we doing the right thing? Last year we left one overnight on the ground and it didn’t seem capable of climbing up by itself, or flying. I am worried our scent will cause the parents to reject the chick, but all seems well from what we can see (this happened last night). Any thoughts for next year?
    kind regards

  5. Bob says:

    Do they use the nest more than once?

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